Brody Dalle Unveils Spinnerette

Brody Dalle Unveils Spinnerette
Former Distillers front-woman Brody Dalle has all but disappeared since her band dissolved in 2006, but that’s all about to change now that Dalle has unveiled her new project. Known as Spinnerette, the project centres on Dalle’s songwriting, and features musical contributions from Queens of the Stone Age’s Alain Johannes, Pearl Jam’s Jack Irons, and former Distiller Tony Bevilacqua.

Spinnerette is set to release a debut EP, Ghetto Love, via digital download at their official website on December 11. In a press release, Dalle reveals her passion for understanding the new face of the music industry, stating, "I can’t conform my art to fit someone else’s expectations. So, in this crazy world of the ‘music business,’ I’m focused on finding a way to ensure I get to keep doing it for a living.”

Ghetto Love tracklisting:

1. "Ghetto Love”

2. "Valium Knights”

3. "Distorting A Code”

4. "Bury My Heart”

Spinnerette "Valium Knights”