Campbell Woods "Van Gogh" (video)

Campbell Woods "Van Gogh" (video)
Halifax singer-songwriter Campbell Woods will release his debut album Oxford Street later this year, but first, he's unveileing a brand new video for "Van Gogh" — and Exclaim! is giving you the exclusive first watch.
Despite the track's artistically motivated title, the song is actually a tribute to one of Woods' musical heroes — Townes Van Zandt.
The soft, melancholic heartbreaker of a folk tune and its simple accompanying video were both recorded at Dartmouth's New Scotland Yard, with Thomas Stacjer (Joel Plaskett, Mo Kenney) manning the sound and Uytae Lee directing the visual components.
"The video came together in a matter of days, which speaks to the openness and generosity of the Halifax arts community," Woods tells Exclaim! "Thomas and Uytae were right on board, right away. We recorded it on June 30th, which was two years to the day since I wrote the song. It's called 'Van Gogh' but really it's a love letter to Townes, and the spirit of characters like him."
Oxford Street is due out in September, but you can get a taste of what's to come by checking out the video for "Van Gogh" in the player below right now.