Church of Misery We’ve Learned Nothing/Church of Misery

Continuing in the tradition of their latest full-length Our Problem, Iron Monkey once again employ horrible artwork and some of the most disturbing (and contradictorily catchy), hate/sludge-core riffs ever created. The Eyehategod influence is still undeniable, but gradually Iron Monkey are developing their own sound. Opening track “Arsonaut” begins in a subdued manner before buffeting the listener for a near ten minutes; their other two tracks “Kiss of Death” and “Sleep to Win” are also worthy additions to their burgeoning legacy. Sadly, the same cannot be said of Church of Misery, a competent enough act whose take on Sabbath doom and downtuned sludge is as mundane as any other number of stoner/doom bands. Their fascination with serial killers neither adds nor subtracts from their bland offerings, but seems to be an attempt to distance themselves from the other clones of the genre — an attempt that adds nothing and ultimately fails. (Man’s Ruin)