Clan of Xymox Notes from the Underground

What can I say about this CD? I love this band. I love that I know I'll love their stuff every time a new CD comes out. They're like that big, warm, fuzzy sweater on a rainy day. So comforting and familiar they are. Coming out of Amsterdam in 1984, their semi-extensive career has been a musical exploration down many avenues. "Notes" gets them (and their fans) back in touch with that fusing of electronic and goth that defines their finest moments. And unlike some other bands in that gothic/dark electro group, they do it all with a particular unpretentiousness that's so refreshing. In between all the minor chords and Ronny Moorings' reverbed vocals, there remains a delicate quality to their music; they certainly revisit their brief stay on label 4AD, with moments reminiscent of Dead Can Dance and other former label-mates. Some fine examples of programming (as expected) and just enough catchy numbers to keep you coming back for more only serves to strengthen an already fantastic collection of music. (Metropolis)