The Constantines' Kensington Heights Tops Associated Press List of Top Rock Albums

The Constantines' <i>Kensington Heights</i> Tops Associated Press List of Top Rock Albums
Whether you consider it another success for Toronto label Arts & Crafts or a nod to Canada's favourite blue-collar rockers, the Constantines' latest release has earned some surprising praise from the Associated Press.

Kensington Heights, the Toronto-based band's first album on Arts & Crafts, topped the AP's list of best rock albums of 2008, beating Santogold, Fleet Foxes and Lykke Li. The similarly Bruce-Springsteen-inspired Stay Positive by the Hold Steady came in at number two.

"The most underrated band in North America," as the article calls them, should earn more fans as the economy continues its downward spiral: "What could be more vital in these troubled economic times than the pulsating and mature Kensington Heights?"

Constantines "Our Age"