Deadmau5 on His New 'W:/2016Album' LP: "I Don't Even Like It"

Deadmau5 on His New 'W:/2016Album' LP: 'I Don't Even Like It'
Deadmau5 is only a few weeks away from releasing a new full-length with W:/2016Album, but some comments from the masked producer (a.k.a Joel Zimmerman) have left listeners wondering if he's even enthused with music-making and the ensuing album cycle anymore.

In conversation with followers on Twitter last night (November 20), Zimmerman was asked about W:/2016Album cut "Let Go" and whether or not it had appeared in his live sets or previous releases. The masked producer then revealed that he "wasn't even going to put it out," saying that someone pushed him into putting the song on the album.

"It was fucking rushed/slapped together," he said. "But I mean...hey, if you like it I wanna like it too, just dont."

He then revealed that his favourites on the upcoming release are "Whelk" and the previously released "Snowcone." When asked why even put out a record at all if not under pressure to do so, the answer was simple. "This is seriously a love/hate thing happening here. But, a thing, nonetheless. and it's good to be doing things," he admitted before saying, "Maybe it's time... to just sit down, and work on this fabled 'album i like' thing ive been wanting to do for the past 10 years."

Seeing as the last decade includes the entirety of his successful mainstream career, it's an odd comment to make. "Don't get me wrong, i love the 'doing'," he clarified. "I'm all bout it.  grateful to all the fans who like what i do, 100% ... its just me being me."

W:/2016Album is out December 2 through Zimmerman's own mau5trap, and can be pre-ordered through iTunes here. You can read through his tweets below.