Deradoorian "The Eye"

Deradoorian 'The Eye'
As she gears up for the official release of her debut solo LP as Deradoorian, New York's Angel Deradoorian has delivered a sneak preview from the set in the form of a busily-paced art rock track called "The Eye." Her The Expanding Flower Planet lands August 21 via Anticon, but the new single is streaming right now.

The track manages to blend a feeling of calm with sheer panic, with meditative vocal melodies coasting above a caffeinated one-two drum beat. She also adds several layers of texture, from arpeggio-style New Age keyboards, to a lightly-fuzzed bass line, to a barrage of backups.

You can give it a stream below. Deradoorian had previously teased The Expanding Flower Planet with her "A Beautiful Woman".