Kristen Karma Pays Tribute to Late Relatives in New "Dear John" Video

Kristen Karma Pays Tribute to Late Relatives in New 'Dear John' Video
Toronto-based electro-pop songwriter Kristen Karma has been steadily blossoming her career in her hometown of Vancouver for about a decade since dropping her debut record, and after releasing two singles this year, she's back with another and an accompanying music video.  

Karma is paying tribute to her late father and her friend/collaborator Marian Hanna's late brother, who both happen to share the same name on "Dear John." 

Speaking of the track, Karma had this to say:

My father John passed away in 2017, and I wanted to write a song for him. I sat down with my good friend and upcoming artist Marian Hanna one day for a songwriting session and decided that since it was coming up to her brother's 10th anniversary of his passing and my father's two-year anniversary that we should write something together for them. We talked about what sort of a song we wanted to write, and in about 15 minutes was had a demo written and recorded on my phone. All we needed to do now was come up with a title.

A few days later we were talking and put it together that her brother's and my father's name were John, and therefore decided to call the new single "Dear John." We then went into the studio with Mark Zubek of Zedd Records to record and complete the track and then went straight into production for the music video. This song is about wondering if they are watching what we are doing, and are proud and what they see. We continue to go about our lives every day, but never know if those who are close to us that have passed continue to watch us from above.

The song features fantastic duel vocal harmonies from Karma and Hanna, as well as a guest spot from Mr ATP. Instrumentally, it takes the standard singer-songwriter elements and elevates them to new heights through dazzling electronics.  

Check out the visually stunning video for "Dear John" in the player below.