Lucifer Star Machine Raise Hell on 'The Devil's Breath'

Hear the German band's new album before its release tomorrow
Lucifer Star Machine Raise Hell on 'The Devil's Breath'
German punk'n'roll ass-kickers Lucifer Star Machine have been making a racket for nearly two full decades, and now they're releasing their fourth album. The Devil's Breath is out tomorrow (April 3) through the Sign Records, and Exclaim! has the premiere of the entire thing.

The 13-song album mixes hard-hitting punk, hardcore and metal influences along with classic rock'n'roll. A press release points to influences like Motörhead and Social Distortion. It's filled with larger-than-life choruses, pummelling rhythms and nimble guitar shredding. There's even some pop-friendly "ooh-ooh" harmonies on the Ramones-esque "Baby, When You Cry."

In a statement to Exclaim!, the band said this about the album:

It's way overdue to deliver proper rock'n'roll to the masses again. True music, played from the heart with a massive set of balls. Let's kill this motherfuckin' virus and spread The Devil's Breath instead! This album is an absolute banger so play it loud! GET LUCIFIED!

Listen to The Devil's Breath below.