Philthy Rich "Wing Stop" (remix ft. Rick Ross, Yowda)

Philthy Rich 'Wing Stop' (remix ft. Rick Ross, Yowda)
As previously reported, 50 Cent recently filed for bankruptcy. This was purportedly in part due to having to pay $5 million USD to Lastonia Leviston for leaking a sex tape. Leviston, it should be noted, has had a child with rapper Rick Ross, who has now referenced 50's money troubles in a reworked version of Philthy Rich's "Wing Stop."

The redo has the Bawse hopping on the AK47 beat with a few curt words for Curtis Jackson. He raps: "50's financial woes I never speak of them, years ago Pimpin Curly, we know we ethered them/At the Mayweather fight and I got my gun tucked, second row and I'm smiling just like I'm Young Buck."

Seems kind of funny that Ross says he never speaks about 50 Cent's woes in a line that quite literally addresses them. Oh well. Note the G-Unit reference to Young Buck, too.

You can sample the remix, which also adds Yowda, down below.