Suzanne Vega Songs in Red and Gray

The latest from talented singer/songwriter Suzanne Vega is not as adventurous sounding as her earlier works, as she opts instead for a more traditional soft rock sound with Songs in Red and Gray. The lyrical content in Songs... appears to betray turmoil in her personal life, likely filing for divorce from her husband, as songs like "Widow's Walk" and "I'll Never Be Your Maggie May" strongly hint. Other songs, like "Last Year's Troubles" and "Solitaire," are more enigmatic, closer to a cryptic puzzle-style of poetic lyricism. The voice of this talented muse is as sensuous and intimate as ever, with her songwriting craft finely honed to a razor's edge. Though I miss the eerily charming qualities of Days of Open Hand and 99.9 °F, I can sense Suzanne is maturing in her musical form. (A&M)