The Acorn's Rolf Klausener Targeted with #MeToo Poster Campaign

"The reality that there are members of my community who view me in this light is devastating"
The Acorn's Rolf Klausener Targeted with #MeToo Poster Campaign
Last week, a series of posters appeared in Ottawa bearing the image of local arts figure and frontman of indie folk outfit the Acorn Rolf Klausener alongside hashtags #stoprapeculture, #metoo and #timesup. The posters, one of which can be seen above [via Reddit], call Klausener "a bad date" and are credited to "Ottawa's local women and allies who have your back." Now, Klausener has issued a statement on the anonymous campaign.

In a written statement published by Ottawa Showbox, Klausener noted he became aware of the posters on June 1. 

UPDATE (6/5, 10:46 a.m. EDT): Klausener's statement has been pulled from Ottawa Showbox's website, but you can still view it in full over here.

"The reality that there are members of my community who view me in this light is devastating not only to me, but to those close to me, and specifically my colleagues and community that surround Arboretum Festival," he wrote.

Klausener continued: "I have been advised to take legal action against libelous material, but understand that in doing so, this could further alienate those who felt the only way they could address their concerns was by these extreme means. I am unwavering in my support of free speech and the #metoo movement and do not seek to undermine this campaign, or create further divide in this community that I so deeply love."

Klausener is identified on the posters as the creative director of the city's annual Arboretum Festival, which dubbed its upcoming seventh edition as BON-FIRE. He is also the principal member of indie folk outfit the Acorn.

"I want to be clear that I do not understand where these vague insinuations are founded and I am deeply concerned about the serious false assumptions that could result from the language of the poster campaign," Klausener continued. "However, I currently seek to better understand how my privileged position of influence in the arts community in Ottawa may have contributed to this perception. Moving forward, I intend to find a better way to foster dialogue between those seeking to be heard and myself."

Klausener noted that he will "invite in-person discussion and conversations from concerned parties in whatever safe forum that will best promote healing. I'm beyond grateful to Ottawa's community of allies who stand on guard for one another, and who seek to foster social transformation."

You can read Klausener's entire statement here.