Washed Out Details 'Mister Mellow' Visual Album

Washed Out Details 'Mister Mellow' Visual Album
After returning with new tune "Get Lost" last month, Washed Out (a.k.a. Ernest Greene) has revealed the song to be part of his first full-length record in four years. Titled Mister Mellow, the record will arrive June 30 via Stones Throw/Arts & Crafts.

Twelve tracks in length, Mister Mellow finds Greene guiding listeners through the "overblown and overdramatized" life of a young adult, moving away from the synth-driven sounds of his earlier work in favour of plunderphonics-rooted sonics informed by free jazz, hip-hop and psych.

Mister Mellow will also feature a full-length visual counterpart using collage, claymation, hand-drawn and stop-motion animation that is "a reaction against the sterile, hyper-realistic renderings of most modern digital-based art.

Read through the tracklist for Mister Mellow to find a teaser trailer in the player below.

Mister Mellow:

1. Title Card
2. Burn Out Blues
3. Time Off
4. Floating By
5. I've Been Daydreaming My Entire Life
6. Hard to Say Goodbye
7. Down and Out
8. Instant Calm
9. Zonked
10. Get Lost
11. Easy Does It
12. Million Miles Away