Fall Out Boy Launch Animated Series 'Mondo Trasho 3042'

Watch the first episode "Not a Yoko"
Fall Out Boy Launch Animated Series 'Mondo Trasho 3042'
Members of Fall Out Boy have launched a new animated series titled Mondo Trasho 3042 about a band from the future that "should break up."

Animated by Midnight Kids Studio and scored by the band's Patrick Stump and Joe Trohman, the series is produced by Fall Out Boy's Pete Wentz. Ten episodes are now streaming on Fall Out Boy's YouTube channel.

"Joe got together with some friends to work on a cartoon," reads a statement on the band's YouTube. "They considered pitching it around to different places, but decided to release it during these crazy times for your enjoyment."

Mondo Trasho 3042 is voiced by Home Movies and Metalocalypse co-creator Brendon Small, as well as Brian Posehn, Ryan Ridley and Kelsey Abbott.

The fictional band of the series, Mondo Trasho, are currently scheduled to head out "on tour" in mid-May. So far, few details about how their tour will roll out have been announced, but you can expect to hear more about the forthcoming trek at the band's official website

The first episode, "Not a Yoko," premiered this weekend. The episode synopsis reads, "The band watches an alien autopsy where Jimmy meets the girl of his dreams, Mooranda."

Watch it in full below.