No Frills Supermarket Is Now in a Rap Feud with Jimmy Fallon

The grocery store roasted the host with a diss track about bananas
No Frills Supermarket Is Now in a Rap Feud with Jimmy Fallon
Here's a sentence we didn't expect to write: No Frills is roasting Jimmy Fallon after the talk show host mistook the Canadian supermarket chain's promotional music for the work of a real band.

Some background: last year, No Frills released a rap album called Haulin' State of Mind as a marketing stunt. It included songs like "Bananas" and "A Cart Apart," and the whole thing was pretty much forgotten instantly. Until last week (June 7), that is, when Jimmy Fallon devoted two entire minutes of The Tonight Show to making fun of the album, apparently confusing No Frills for an actual artist.
Wisely not letting the joke die, No Frills has since fired back with a "Bananas Remix" diss track, which reminds Fallon that bananas are, in fact, much more portable than grapes. It also includes this helpful reminder: "We're a grocery store that just happens to make rap."

Listen to the minute-long "Bananas Remix" below. Your move, Jimmy.

To be clear, there is a real band called No Frills, and their debut single was called "Vegetable Tray," so it's an easy mistake to make.