Rob Zombie Is Reportedly Rebooting 'The Munsters'

Rob Zombie Is Reportedly Rebooting 'The Munsters'
Photo: Travis Shinn
If you're the type to believe in online rumours, then you probably want to know that Rob Zombie is supposedly directing a new movie adaptation of the '60s TV series The Munsters. Or at least that's what the internet keeps telling us.

Multiple news reports have pointed to Zombie rebooting the classic horror/comedy property over the last while. Murphy's Multiverse first reported on the project last month, and today Bloody Disgusting has added to things by reporting that NBCUniversal's Peacock streaming service is attached to the Zombie project.

According to this latest report, The Munsters will be a Peacock original/exclusive that will also open in theatres via Universal Pictures/UPHE, much like how Warner is using HBO Max to release its films.

So far, though, we've yet to get any official confirmation that any of this is actually happening.

That said, Zombie is rumoured to be bringing back his regulars for the reboot, including his wife Sheri Moon Zombie playing Lily Munster and Jeff Daniel Phillips taking on the role of Herman Munster. Richard Brake, Dan Roebuck, Jorge Garcia and Elvira are also rumoured for the film.

In addition to directing The Munsters, Zombie is said to be writing the script for the film, which will begin shooting in May in Budapest. For now, though, you'll have to do that thing where you stay tuned.

Earlier this year, Rob Zombie released his album The Lunar Injection Kool Aid Eclipse Conspiracy.