​Ryan Gosling Graces Toronto's Grinder Coffee with His Presence

​Ryan Gosling Graces Toronto's Grinder Coffee with His Presence
Following an elaborate online campaign to get Ryan Gosling into their coffee shop, Toronto's Grinder Coffee finally succeeded. Yesterday (September 11), the Canadian-born actor gave in to social media demands and visited the Leslieville café.
The persistent invites to Gosling began last month, when he was announced as Grinder's chosen celebrity to stalk at TIFF.

The decision came following last year's unsuccessful attempts to get Idris Elba to make a visit to the coffee shop.
Throughout the 2018 TIFF campaign, Grinder shared multiple photos of a cardboard cutout of the actor enjoying a cup of their coffee. Even Toronto Mayor John Tory got in on the plea.


Finally, after providing helpful directions to Gosling from TIFF headquarters, he finally made his way into the Gerrard Street café yesterday. In addition to some major fangirling, the employees also managed to rub it in Elba's face, declaring Gosling a "gracious, well brought-up Canadian boy," and simply telling Elba to "Take that!"

Gosling is currently in town for TIFF, where he's promoting the new film First Man. It was directed by Gosling's La La Land collaborator Damien Chazelle.