Arrested Development Since The Last Time

After a long 12 years away from the studio with his original band of freedom fighters, the relentlessly positive Speech reunites his Arrested Development crew to deliver another timely dose of their "peace, love and respect” brand of festival rap. Since The Last Time finds the group pretty much where they left off more than a decade ago, spinning light-hearted soul and funky dance grooves in a sunshiny party vibe to keep crowds moving while their "we are all one” messages float through the air. The Planet Rock-paced backbeat and animated Southern lyrical flow of "Inner City” and classic Jackson Sisters sample on "Miracles” provide the record’s brightest moments, while AD’s overall pop sense offers a revealing glimpse at the sound that’s become the Black Eyes Peas’ sonic blueprint for success. While the group has shown only nominal musical progression since their last time out, there’s no denying the market for their uplifting messages on festival stages across the planet. (Vagabond)