Aussie Punks Bloods Team Up with Laura Jane Grace for Bouncy New Single "I Like You"

New album 'Together, Baby!' will be out September 23
Aussie Punks Bloods Team Up with Laura Jane Grace for Bouncy New Single 'I Like You'
Australian punk trio Bloods have shared a new single, "I Like You," featuring the inimitable punk icon Laura Jane Grace of Against Me! fame.

"I Like You" follows previously released single "BOSS," both of which will be featured on their upcoming album Together, Baby!, out September 23 via Share It Music.

"Lyrically the song is about the giddy excitement you feel when you spark a new connection and you feel seen by another person who 'gets you' — as much a friendship as a romantic connection," Bloods' MC said of their latest in a press release. "There is a level of comfort that comes with feeling understood and understanding another person — warts and all. It makes you feel accompanied through life and like you're never sleeping alone anymore, because they're out there."

In regards to the collaboration with LJG, MC continued:

I knew I wanted it to be a duet and our friend and label owner Cayle decided to be bold and dream big and asked Laura Jane Grace if she'd be interested in being involved. Laura is an ICON, so it goes without saying we lost our minds when she got back to us and said she liked the song and wanted to sing on it. Laura's voice is so immediate and perfect, it has taken the song to a whole new level. It's a total honour and dream to have Laura involved.

Listen to "I Like You" below, where you can also find the tracklisting for Together, Baby!

Together, Baby!:

1. Radical
3. Thinking of You Thinking of Me 
4. I Like You (with Laura Jane Grace)
5. Devo 
6. Chasing Constellations 
7. Cherry 
8. TV Pity Party
9. Take Aim 
10. Southern Light