Bend Sinister "Teacher" (video)

Bend Sinister 'Teacher' (video)
We've long known about Vancouver outfit Bend Sinister's love for '70s rock and prog, but their new music video for "Teacher" shows that they're similarly enthusiastic about taxidermy and Persian rugs.

The clip for this five-minute, electric organ-filled prog scorcher shows the hirsute, psychedelically dressed dudes performing the song in a practice room while surrounded by animal heads and hanging rugs. To top it off, the visuals get a little trippy during the slow keyboard passages. The whole thing was shot by Hans Goksoyr with David Brigden.

The song comes from the upcoming album Animals, due out March 11 through File Under: Music. The room from this video is the same one that appears on the album cover.

As previously reported, Bend Sinister also have a pile of Canadian dates on the horizon, and you can see their schedule here.