Blood and Glass 'Punk Shadows' (album stream)

Blood and Glass 'Punk Shadows' (album stream)
Blood and Glass are set to release the follow-up to their 2014 debut Museum with No Walls next week, but Exclaim! is letting you hear the entire album a whole week early.
The project brings together Little Scream player Lisa Moore and the Barr Brothers' Morgan Moore for an eccentric mix of electro-tinged pop jams that range from the breathy, slow groove of opener "Block of Ice," through cinematic numbers like "Submarine" and "Chlorine Dreams," and onto the final burst of drama on closer "Swimming Pool."
The Moores' creative partnership is one built on a willingness to leap into the unknown — and trust that it will all work out.
"In the studio, we stopped looking for perfection," Lisa tells Exclaim! "Instead, we looked to capture raw energy. You know that game people do to instill trust in each other where one person falls and a group of friends has to catch him? That's what recording this album was. We all trusted each other and helped each other fall."
Punk Shadows is officially out March 24 via Simone Records, but you can give it an early listen below via SoundCloud right now.