Blood and Glass "Paper Heart" (video)

Blood and Glass 'Paper Heart' (video)
Electro-tinged baroque popsters Blood and Glass dropped their debut LP Museum with No Walls last year, but the Montreal duo are looking to keep the momentum rolling with a new video for album cut "Paper Heart" — and Exclaim! has got the exclusive premiere.
The clip is as dramatic and artistically adventurous as the song itself, using animation to bring urban wall art to life. It features murals of singer Lisa Moore coming alive to sing against backdrops of brick walls, metal fences and graffiti-covered alleyways. Keeping in theme with the song's title, there are also some adorable and equally lively origami birds to keep her company.

According to Moore, the song was inspired by "the fragility of a past relationship," which is mirrored in the gentle, delicate paper birds. Moore's transformation into a two-dimensional piece of paper comes to symbolize her entrapment by the industrial landscape. 

"Once upon a time, the entire world was made of paper," she said in a statement. "The origami birds folded their wings under bleached-out clouds as the paper boy brought the news to every house of cards. One day, the girl with shredded eyes took him to a crowd of cardboard cut-outs. And they learned to play with fire."
The video was directed by Nick Snyder, and produced with Silver Sound Showdown — a New York City showcase where Blood and Glass and Snyder were voted winners by the audience, granting them the opportunity to shoot the new clip. Watch it in the player below.

"Paper Heart" - Blood and Glass from Silver Sound on Vimeo.