The Bloody Beetroots "Out of Sight" (ft. Paul McCartney & Youth)

The Bloody Beetroots 'Out of Sight' (ft. Paul McCartney & Youth)
This isn't the Paul McCartney your parents know and love. While the former Beatle's live shows are heavy on nostalgia, his latest endeavour is of a far more modern nature, since he's contributed to a song by dance floor-filler the Bloody Beetroots (a.k.a. Sir Bob Cornelius Rifo).

"Out of Sight" also features Youth (a.k.a. Martin Glober), with whom McCartney plays in the Firemen. It's an ultra-dramatic smasher that's a little too slow to properly dance to, but its descending riff is epic enough to be a Hollywood film score. McCartney's vocal contribution, meanwhile, emphasizes the raw and aggressive qualities of his voice, rather than his tuneful poppiness.

Listen below [via Rolling Stone].