Céline Dion Is All EDM Now, and Here's Her New Song to Prove It

Stream "Flying on My Own" to know whether that's a good thing
Céline Dion Is All EDM Now, and Here's Her New Song to Prove It
Céline Dion has been making a lot of changes recently, leaving her long-standing Las Vegas residency behind and gearing up for her new studio album Courage. We've now got our first taste of the forthcoming record, "Flying on My Own," and like it or not, Céline has gone full-blown EDM.

If you have the, um, courage, you can stream the new song below. Complete with pitch-shifted nonsensicals, thudding bass beats and some seriously high-reaching vocal theatrics, it's a definite change-up for the singer — for better or worse.

Cementing the deal, there's also a lyric video to go along with this, complete with flashing song lyrics that fly across an away of screensaver-appropriate images of galaxies, forests and more than a few clouds.

Check out "Flying on My Own" below — or, well, leave Céline flying on her own.

"Flying on My Own" was written by Jörgen Elofsson (Britney Spears, Kelly Clarkson), Liz Rodrigues (Eminem, Pink, Pitbull) and Anton Mårtensson (Rhys), so you can blame them if you don't like the song.

Courage is set to arrive in November via Columbia Records, and as previously reported, she's supporting the record with a massive North American tour heavy on the Canadian dates. You can see the full schedule here.