Dave Grohl Now Keeps His Caffeine Cravings in Check with "FreshPotix"

Too many "Fresh Pots" once landed the Foo Fighter in hospital
Dave Grohl Now Keeps His Caffeine Cravings in Check with 'FreshPotix'
Ten years ago, Dave Grohl chronicled his extreme caffeine dependance in video "Fresh Pots," which was actually borne from a hospital trip due to being so jacked up on java while recording with Them Crooked Vultures. Now, the Foo Fighters founder has found a cure a decade later in FreshPotix.

An accompanying video finds Grohl recapping just how badly the bean took hold of his life, to the point where he was furiously rolling up, railing lines and packing bowls of grinds. He recalls, "My roast grew darker and darker, until I finally hit pot bottom."

Enter FreshPotix, "a new drug to help coffee addicts like [Grohl] manage their coffee addiction." Not unlike many American drug ads, a calming voiceover soon warns of myriad side effects, including (but not limited to) severe monkey peen, extra toe, weeping taint, plaid lung, Cyrus virus (your voice changes to that of Billy Ray or Miley), stomach tail, bald ass, and tinselscrote (breakout of Christmas tree tinsel on balls).

You can watch Grohl's ad below, and can head here for a FreshPotix-branded pen that will surely help you fill out your own prescription.

Grohl recently joined Stevie Nicks on a new single. Earlier this year, he shared that a new Foo Fighters album was on the way, following 2017's Concrete and Gold.