Dean Ween Proposes Weed-Friendly Venue in Denver

Dean Ween Proposes Weed-Friendly Venue in Denver
Weed and Ween go hand-in-hand, so it only makes sense that Dean Ween has pitched a plan to open a cannabis-friendly venue in Denver where people can enjoy both marijuana and music.
The plans for Dean Ween's Honeypot Lounge were announced during a city meeting yesterday (November 19) by chief operating officer Michael Polansky.
"I think cannabis and music make total, total sense together," Polansky told the Denver Post. "We think that we can offer a unique kind of musical experience for Denver and the world... Social consumption is the next frontier."
The Deaner and his team have yet to formally apply for licences, though they are expected to in the coming weeks.
Naturally, Polansky said that the venue is hoping to open in time for April 20.