Dwele Wants World Women

Through the duration of what followers have so unimaginatively championed as "neo soul," while many former leaders of the soul sub-sect have either suffered years in the wilderness or dropped off completely, Detroit, MI's Dwele has remained a surprising pillar of stability. Consistent both in sound and creativity, the multitalented singer, songwriter and producer manages to keep things familiar, yet fresh, and Wants World Women is just one more shining example of this craftiness. Smooth, traditional love songs and cockier "lust" tunes receive equal billing on cuts like "What's not to Love?" and counterparts "Dodgin' Your Phone" and "Dim the Lights." The insightful lyricist then takes a break from life and love to deal with politics on "My People" before turning in a brighter-tomorrow-style gem with "Detroit Sunrise," while the incredibly live, dynamic musicianship shown throughout proves an, at times, stunning accompaniment. Add to this an hour-long running time that barely feels long enough and Dwele has once again delivered the complete package. (eOne)