Fishbone Lose $1.4 Million Court Case over Stage-Diving Accident

Fishbone Lose $1.4 Million Court Case over Stage-Diving Accident
A woman who sued funky ska-punks Fishbone back in 2010 over injuries sustained from stage-diving accident at one of the band's concerts has been awarded $1.4 million in her case against the outfit.

On Wednesday (February 12), U.S. District Judge Jan DuBois ruled in favour of New Jersey resident Kimberly Myers, who was knocked to the ground at Philadelphia's WXPN World Cafe Live venue in February 2010 by Fishbone vocalist Angelo "Dr. Madd Vibe" Moore, the CBC reports. As a result, the then 41-year-old Myers broke her skull and collarbone. Though she was knocked unconscious by the stage-diving antic, the band "continued to perform as if nothing had happened," the judge wrote in the ruling.

DuBois added that Moore has shown no remorse since the accident, since he continues to stage-dive at shows. A deposition from 2011 had the vocalist explaining that the group do not issue warnings ahead of their performances because it would take away from the "theatrics."

In regards to safety, the judge wrote in her ruling that injuries are common at Fishbone shows, and that "Moore testified that every couple of months an ambulance is called to the concert venue."

"People want to be on the edge when they go to a Fishbone show," Moore had said ahead of the ruling.

The case has awarded Myers $1.1 million in compensatory damages against Moore and bassist John Norwood Fisher, while the vocalist was also ordered to pay $250,000 in punitive damages, among other fees. Myers had previously settled with the University of Pennsylvania, which runs the World Cafe Live venue.