Frank Ocean Scraps Planned 7-Inch Vinyl, Refunds Orders

"A new, unreleased Frank Ocean song" went up for pre-order on wax in February
Frank Ocean Scraps Planned 7-Inch Vinyl, Refunds Orders
Frank Ocean fans and rare record flippers alike have been patiently waiting for a previously promised 7-inch with a new, unreleased song. Now, the artist's team has axed the release entirely.

"Due to the events of this year, Frank will no longer be releasing the song that you purchased on vinyl," reads an email sent to those who pre-ordered the vinyl, including Exclaim! staff. "We will be refunding your purchase of this item and any additional items in your order will begin shipping next week."

Last November, Ocean launched a pre-order for 7-inch vinyl versions of singles "In My Room" and an Arca remix of a track called "Little Demon." This past February, it was announced that the "Little Demon" remix would be replaced with "a new, unreleased Frank Ocean song."

Ocean treated 2020 singles "Dear April" and "Cayendo" to 7-inch vinyl releases earlier this year. Vinyl pressings of his most recent full-length records, Blonde and Endless, remain exorbitantly expensive on resale sites such as Discogs.