Goodbye Honolulu Detail Self-Titled Debut Album

Watch a video for new single "Over and Over"
Goodbye Honolulu Detail Self-Titled Debut Album
Goodbye Honolulu have lifted the curtain on their debut album. The Toronto four-piece will deliver the self-titled Goodbye Honolulu on October 1 via Stray Dog Records.

Produced by Ben Cook (Fucked Up, No Warning, Young Guv) and Tony Price (U.S. Girls, Slim Twig, Ice Cream, Michael Rault), Goodbye Honolulu was recorded in an abandoned movie theatre turned recording studio in Toronto's east end, where the band lived and worked for 11 days. 

Strange happenings in the band's workspace reportedly include a visit from spirits of a woman and a dog, which inspired both the album's cover art and lyrics within.

The new song "Over and Over" arrives alongside today's news, following the previously shared "Cut Off." The band's Fox Martindale explained in a statement that the single concerns "the daily repetitiveness of a monogamous relationship and the ever growing numbness to things that once made one jealous."

"Over and Over" also arrives alongside a video directed by Steve Webb, the father of band member Emmett S. Webb, who was inspired by 1970s technicolour cinema upon hearing the single's "sleazy 70s disco vibe." 

"I envisioned a Taxi Driver feel; sharp colour, steam, neon lights with dirty as shit streets," the elder Webb said of the visuals. "Times Square circa 1972 with Fox sleazily moving through these seedy streets as if he's been up for days, sweaty, sexy and a little glam. We had to follow COVID restrictions, so in contrast to Taxi Driver's overcrowded streets I played the streets eerily empty aside from Fox. We shot the video over four nights last summer on the empty streets of Toronto with the band, 'Superfan' Greg, a kick ass skeleton crew and some favours from film friends and local bar owners. This video was a blast to shoot and I'm extremely proud of the end result."

Goodbye Honolulu

1. Cut Off
2. U Got It
3. You and Me
4. Leave Your Love Behind
5. Get The Denim
6. Dye My Hair
7. Over and Over
8. Reason To Hate You
9. Shine
10. How Are You Doing
11. Ultraviolet Stone
12. Stray Dog
13. Make U Mine

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