Green Day Share New Single with Silly "Punk Rock Aerobics" Video

Check out the band's newly shared "Here Comes the Shock"
Green Day Share New Single with Silly 'Punk Rock Aerobics' Video
What exactly are Green Day going for these days? It's kind of hard to say, but as promised, the band are back with a sporty new single called "Here Comes the Shock."

It's safe to say that the track is officially a jock jam — Green Day debuted the tune as part of NHL's outdoor game at Lake Tahoe over the weekend. Now, they've broken a different kind of sweat with the song's official video.

The clip does not feature B.J. and the boys. Instead, it's hosted by Punk Rock Aerobics — a real-life rocker workout ringleader run by Hilken Mancini. In the video, Mancini works out to the song, performing punk moves like skanking and pogoing to the song.

Watch the video for "Here Comes the Shock" below.

Green Day released Father of All... a full year ago.