The Head and the Heart "Summertime" (video)

The Head and the Heart 'Summertime' (video)
True, we're still roughly a month away from the solstice, but that's not stopping the Head and the Heart from celebrating the upcoming sunny season in a new video for their Let's Be Still single "Summertime."

Directed by Sub Pop labelmate Chad VanGaalen, the animated clip features a pair of nature-loving sightseers enjoying all that Mother Earth has to offer us. This includes the majestic feeding rituals of birds, growth patterns in forested areas and more. The bright-eyed adventurism pairs nicely with the folksy, though synth-soaring bounce of the track.

If you want to see a paper doll mycologist studying some fungi, or a lepidopterist enjoying the clusters of multi-coloured butterflies resting on her own mighty wingspan, you may want to give the video a good look down below.