Jom Comyn "Lost in Time"

Jom Comyn 'Lost in Time'
Edmonton's ridiculously fertile pop scene has yet another distinctive voice with the talented Jom Comyn (a.k.a. Jim Cuming), who has dropped an impressive batch of releases over the years. Following last year's In the Dark on 99 LP, the performer's got a new EP on the way called The Black Pits. Before it arrives in full, we're happy to premiere its lead single "Lost in Time."

No stranger to collaboration (Jom Comyn has previously performed with members of Faith Healer, among others), "Lost in Time" sees our boy working with Garrett Johnson of Brazilian Money. Johnson produced the track and is also responsible for its walking bass line. It all works together to prop up the performer's distinctive voice and bright guitar playing.

Listen to "Lost in Time" below. The Black Pits will arrive on July 9 via Bart Records.