Junior Boys Exclaim!/K-Lite Stage, Hamilton ON, September 11

Junior Boys Exclaim!/K-Lite Stage, Hamilton ON, September 11
Photo: Matt Bobkin
To finish things off at the Exclaim!/K-Like Stage for Supercrawl 2016, hometown heroes Junior Boys took a trip down memory lane for a set that read like a giant thank-you note. Even though Junior Boys' music evokes dimly-lit nightclubs and late night regrets, the disco leanings and Jeremy Greenspan's hushed vocals managed to work in broad daylight — though it did take some time for the crowd to get into it.
Cuts from the band's newest release, the Kiss Me All Night EP, were injected with the same enthusiasm that made their latest full-length, Big Black Coat, so successful: the muted hook of "Yes" and the subtle grooves of the title track were given passionate deliveries.
But it was the Big Black Coat tunes that really won the audience over. The propulsive groove of "Over It" initiated momentum that kept the crowd dancing for the rest of the set, and the gradual build-up of the LP's title track was expertly recreated live.
Even in a less-than-ideal time slot, Junior Boys' gritty, IDM-tinged electronic tunes started a party. Greenspan's shirt read "J'aime Hamilton," despite the fact that their performance alone displayed ample gratitude — a sentiment that the crowd sweatily returned.