Kid Cudi Mourns the Loss of His Dog Freshie

"He was my guardian angel"
Kid Cudi Mourns the Loss of His Dog Freshie
Kid Cudi has announced that his dog, a "special boy" named Freshie, has sadly passed away.

The artist posted a lengthy tribute to his late canine pal on Instagram last night (August 23), explaining that after 11 years together, Freshie had passed away peacefully at home "surrounded by people that love him."

"I held his hand and whispered in his ear to let him know I was there while he slipped away," the artist shared. "I told him he was a special boy, my best friend, that he was perfect and that I loved him and I'll miss him so so much. I felt his heart stop beating and felt his last breath."

Cudi went on to explain how he got Freshie in 2010 while working on How to Make It in America so he could learn how to relate to dogs better for the role of dog walker/drug dealer, Domingo Dean.

"It worked," Cudi said. "But at the time I had no idea I would have such a best friend in my life."

He continued: "He was my guardian angel. Nights I'd want to cut myself, I'd see Freshie and I couldn't do it. He would stare at me when I would have a knife to my stomach, eyes glaring at me tellin me to put the knife down. My life will be a lil more empty with him gone."

The artist also announced that he has a new song named after Freshie on the way.

See the full post, including some incredible shots of the adorable Freshie, below.

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