Laura Jane Grace to Perform at Four Seasons Total Landscaping

Not to be confused with the Four Seasons Hotel...
Laura Jane Grace to Perform at Four Seasons Total Landscaping
Against Me! and the Devouring Mothers frontwoman Laura Jane Grace has announced a special one-off live event with Brendan Kelly in Philadelphia this summer. The pair are visiting an American national landmark, the now-infamous Four Seasons Total Landscaping, for a co-headlining show.

The site of the memeified presidential press conference — held in November 2020 by disgraced Trump henchman and former D.C. lawyer Rudy Giuliani — will now act as a punk venue for Kelly and Grace on August 21.

As Red Scare Records describes the venue choice: "COVID killed off so many venues that we had to get creative. So we picked the fanciest hotel in town for this punk show..."

Grace explained, "This will be the first and last time Brendan and I play in front of a landscaping company and we promise it will be better than that MAGA shit show."

Kelly added:

Ever since I saw my personal hero Rudy Giuliani humiliate himself for the good of the nation at Four Seasons Total Landscaping, I knew I wanted to go there and follow in his footsteps, then shop at the porn store, and eventually move off this mortal coil by being burned at the neighbouring crematorium. It's not often you get to touch history, but that's what Laura and I will be doing in this most hallowed of political and mulching grounds.

Tickets for the performance go on sale today at 12 p.m. ET.

See Four Seasons Total Landscaping's announcement, as well as Kelly's full tour schedule, below.