Lowell Arts Court, Ottawa ON, August 23

Lowell Arts Court, Ottawa ON, August 23
Photo: Connor Evans
Preparing for her debut record release later this fall on Arts & Crafts, rising electro-pop sensation Lowell brought a very eclectic set to Ottawa full of material both old and new. Her voice, drenched in airy echoes and reverb, served as the focal point of the performance. She shifted between soft melodies and unabashed shouting as she reached higher into her vocal range. The manipulation of her voice through live looping and sampling created an excellent foundation for her bandmates to build around with guitars, bass, synthesizers and drums.

Chalk it up to the summer heat, but those in attendance weren't dancing as much as the enthusiastic Lowell would have liked. Taking it upon herself to get the crowd a bit more engaged in the performance, she leapt from the stage to dance around with audience members, not missing a note all the while. The audience complied without question, riding the wave of the synth-pop songstress' energy to the end of the set.

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