Luna Li River & Sky, Field ON, July 18

Luna Li River & Sky, Field ON, July 18
Photo: Stephen McGill
Luna Li brought sunny vibes to an overcast River & Sky set. Led by Toronto-based musician Hannah Bussiere Kim and rounded out into a live quartet including Mother Tongues' Char Aragoza and Tange's Sabrina Carrizo Sztainbok, Luna Li's airy melodies and tight grooves heralded the clear skies that emerged for the end of the set.
The dream pop haze of tracks like "Silver Into Rain" and "Star Stuff" crafted a vibe so relaxed that one of the festival's many roaming dogs scampered onto the stage and chilled out for a good chunk of the set.
Bussiere Kim, a talented singer, guitarist and violinist, crafted everything from hypnotic, looped meditations to upbeat jangle pop, of which the latter tracks found her embracing her status as a real rock star, with wailing solos, and truly looking the part, with her gold and silver sequined pantsuit and rose gold pick guard. Luna Li crafted a calm and engaging vibe.