Massey Hall Will Now Be Part of the Allied Music Centre

The new complex will house four total live music venues
Massey Hall Will Now Be Part of the Allied Music Centre
The ongoing revitalization of Massey Hall — which includes additional performance spaces and hundreds of restored stained glass windows — will now also bring the iconic venue into the fold of a larger entertainment complex.

Today, the Corporation of Massey Hall & Roy Thomson Hall announced that 125-year-old venue would keep its name under the banner of the Allied Music Centre, a name that now adorns the new seven-storey tower rising up from behind the National Historic Site in artist renderings.

A press release explains that the project's name change comes from Canadian real estate company Allied Properties, who have made a "landmark contribution" to the revitalization effort that "expands the project's original scope and introduces Canada's premiere multi-purpose performance facility." 

The Allied Music Centre's website offers the greatest look at revitalization efforts yet, highlighting the new venues, recording and broadcast facilities, a professional recording studio and instrument library, new lounge and bar spaces, and updates to Massey Hall itself.

Watch an accompanying video below, narrated by iskwē, for a glimpse at what's to come.

"When complete, Allied Music Centre will play a profound role in our cultural ecosystem, creating inspiring new opportunities for artists and music fans at every step along their journeys," Massey Hall & Roy Thomson Hall CEO Jesse Kumagai wrote in a statement. "From emerging artists making their debut to the world's most celebrated stars, young students discovering a passion for music to lifelong fans soaking in the energy of live performance, Allied Music Centre will be a home for all music and all people."