Mother Tongues River & Sky, Field ON, July 20

Mother Tongues River & Sky, Field ON, July 20
Photo: Stephen McGill
Toronto-based prog rock quintet Mother Tongues have been steadily growing their fan base in their hometown with a steady schedule of shows, and their River & Sky Main Stage set was a chance for them to further their reach with the folks of nearby Sudbury and North Bay.
With roots in '60s pop, Mother Tongues eased the crowd in before doling out their many twists and turns, with each song turning into a shifting, psychedelic odyssey. Though their 7 p.m. slot was a different environment from their more typical, late-night, darkness-enshrouded environs, they made the most of their newfound exposure. Monstrous riffs, like those on their 2018 single "Fortunes," took on new, ominous heights, soothed by balm in the form of the synth-washed textures of their more relaxed tunes.
Their technically impressive jams and three-pronged vocal attack courtesy of lead guitarist Lukas Cheung, bassist Charise Aragoza and keyboardist Hannah Bussiere Kim are filled with enough variance to keep things moving. Though the crowd had been sparse and scattered through most of their set, the band's stoked fires were truly lit during the final two numbers. A disco number got the crowd moving — true to form, the cut was filled with enough twists and turns to fill a Dan Brown novel. Set to a catchy refrain of "Is this enough to make you feel?" the answer was a resounding "yes."