Mudhoney Give Us More 'Digital Garbage' with "Kill Yourself Live"

Mudhoney Give Us More 'Digital Garbage' with 'Kill Yourself Live'
Mudhoney are once again giving a taste of their Digital Garbage, sharing the new song "Kill Yourself Live."

The newly released track follows the album's "Paranoid Core," and in a statement, vocalist Mark Arm had this to say about "Kill Yourself Live":

I'm not on social media, so my experience is somewhat limited, but people really seem to find validation in the likes — and then there's Facebook Live, where people have streamed torture and murder, or, in the case of Philando Castile, getting murdered by a cop.

In the course of writing that song, I thought about how, once you put something out there online, you can't wipe it away. It's always going to be there — even if no one digs it up, it's still out there floating somewhere.

Hear "Kill Yourself Live" for yourself below.

As previously reported, Digital Garbage will arrive on September 28 via Sub Pop. The album marks Mudhoney's 10th studio album and follows their 2013 effort Vanishing Point.