Mudhoney Return with New Album 'Digital Garbage'

Hear its "Paranoid Core" now
Mudhoney Return with New Album 'Digital Garbage'
After promises of a new studio full-length late last year, Mudhoney have announced their new album plans. Their first LP in five years will appropriately enough be called Digital Garbage and will arrive on September 28 via Sub Pop.

For a taste of the album, you can listen to the new song "Paranoid Core" down below.

Digital Garbage marks Mudhoney's 10th studio album and follows their 2013 effort Vanishing Point.

As a press release explains, the album's title comes from the outro of new track "Kill Yourself Live," which apparently gives us a "bleak look at the way notoriety goes viral."

In a statement, frontman Mark Arm explained, "I'm not on social media, so my experience is somewhat limited. But people really seem to find validation in the likes — and then there's Facebook Live, where people have streamed torture and murder, or, in the case of Philando Castile, getting murdered by a cop."  

He added, "In the course of writing that song. I thought about how, once you put something out there online, you can't wipe it away. It's always going to be there — even if no one digs it up, it's still out there floating somewhere."

Up above, you can see the newly revealed album cover for Digital Garbage, while its tracklist is below.

As previously reported, Mudhoney will play Vancouver on September 15 as part of the Westward Music Festival. Early this year, the band released their live album LiE.

Digital Garbage:

1. Nerve Attack
2. Paranoid Core
3. Please Mr. Gunman
4. Kill Yourself Live
5. Night and Fog
6. 21st Century Pharisees
7. Hey Neanderfuck
8. Prosperity Gospel
9. Messiah's Lament
10. Next Mass Extinction
11. Oh Yeah