Odonis Odonis The Garrison, Toronto ON, February 17

Odonis Odonis The Garrison, Toronto ON, February 17
Photo: Chris Gee
Carving the post-apocalyptic impressionism of their oeuvre with the industrial wedge of October's No Pop and Post Plague before that, this appearance from Toronto noise goths Odonis Odonis extended the guiding wisdom of those newer records to their back catalogue and excised the noisy post-punk and shoegaze guitars of releases like Hard-Boiled Soft Boiled and their earlier EPs entirely from their live show.
Arriving at the Garrison instead with a triangle of electronics stations set up facing a tripod of strobe tubes at the centre of the stage, they took Wavelength with their freshly retooled techno-cynicism, put their heads down and got to work tending keyboards and sample pads erecting mega harsh vibes. Tracks like cold set opener "Check My Profile" were huge and menacing, monoliths in the crumbled wastelands of fast culture.
People often rag on concert performers that orient themselves away from their live audiences, but it can be an effective strategy for forcing crowds to focus on what they came for: the music. For Odonis Odonis, this setup couldn't have been more thematically on point. The group's live performances have always been cathartic experiences, but this one transcended the mutated spectacle that's become associated with watching a live band, phone camera-defiant strobes flickering with dismissive zeal while the plodding, anxious air raid techno of tracks like "Eraser" demolished the walls we surround ourselves with, moving audience members to a dancing throb.
Maybe technology can save us after all.

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