Protomartyr Prep 'Consolation E.P.' with the Breeders' Kelley Deal

Watch the new video for "Wheel of Fortune"
Protomartyr Prep 'Consolation E.P.' with the Breeders' Kelley Deal
After returning with Relatives in Descent last year, Protomartyr have now prepped a new EP alongside Kelley Deal of the Breeders.

The band will release the four-track Consolation E.P. on June 15 through Domino.

The EP was recorded by Mike Montgomery, who plays alongside Deal in R. Ring. Deal lends her vocals to a pair of tracks on the effort, titled "Wheel of Fortune" and "You Always Win." Right now, you can watch a video for "Wheel of Fortune" below.

Consolation E.P. also features contributions from Jocelyn Hatch (viola), Evan Ziporyn (bass clarinet) and Lori Goldston (cello)

Deal and the Breeders most recently delivered All Nerve, on top of announcing plans to bring the band's catalogue back to vinyl.

You can check out the artwork of Protomartyr's new EP above, as well as the tracklist below.

Consolation E.P.:

1. Wait
2. Same Face in a Different Mirror
3. Wheel of Fortune (ft. Kelley Deal)
4. You Always Win (ft. Kelley Deal)