Rise Against Reveal Their Endgame

Rise Against Reveal Their <i>Endgame</i>
Positively charged politi-punks Rise Against have been endlessly busy/ambitious since their start more than a decade ago. One would imagine that after five adrenaline-fuelled albums, they would be showing signs of wear.

Well, the quartet have revealed that they're still raring to go, as they have finished up work on their sixth album. Dubbed Endgame, the record was recorded in at the Blasting Room in Fort Collins, CO and is slated for release on March 15 via Interscope.

In terms of lyrical content/subject matter, frontman Tim McIlrath recently revealed to Spin that, "real world events such as Hurricane Katrina and the Deepwater Horizon oil spill," and a tune "inspired by the Dixie Chicks song 'Not Ready to Make Nice'" are present.

A tracklist has yet to surface for Endgame, but you can see the cover above. And for a sneak peek of the album, you can listen to the new album track "Architects" below.

Architects – Rise Against by Interscope Records