Screaming Females Ready B-Sides and Rarities Compilation 'Singles Too'

It also includes covers of Taylor Swift and Sheryl Crow
Screaming Females Ready B-Sides and Rarities Compilation 'Singles Too'
After releasing their All at Once album last year, Screaming Females are set to look back at some of their earlier material with a new compilation.

The New Jersey outfit will release compilation Singles Too on October 18 through Don Giovanni Records.

Said to be "a deep dive into SF ephemera, an introduction, and a history lesson all at once," the comp collects the band's early 7-inch singles, digital-only B-sides and a lone remix.

The CD edition of the release will also feature six bonus cover songs. Screaming Females will serve up their own interpretations of Neil Young's "Cortez the Killer," Taylor Swift's "Shake It Off," and Patti Smith's "Because the Night" with a little help from members of Garbage.

You can pore over the complete tracklisting below. Singles Too is now available for pre-order.

Singles Too:

1. Arm Over Arm
2. Zoo Of Death
3. No Being Disgusting
4. Pretty Okay
5. I Do
6. Ancient Civilization
7. Let Me In
8. Skeleton
9. Hopeless (demo)
10. Take It Back
11. End Of My Bloodline (remix)
12. Cortez The Killer (Neil Young)*
13. If It Makes You Happy (Sheryl Crow)*
15. Because The Night (w/ Garbage) (Patti Smith)*
14. A Good Flying Bird (Guided By Voices)*
15. Shake It Off (Taylor Swift)*
16. No More I Love You's (Eurythmics)*

* CD-only bonus track