Shotgun Jimmie Returns with New Album 'Transistor Sister 2'

Hear the Chad VanGaalen-equipped song "Cool All the Time"
Shotgun Jimmie Returns with New Album 'Transistor Sister 2'
Just over three years removed from releasing his Field of Trampolines album, Shotgun Jimmie has shared the details behind a follow-up effort.

Titled Transistor Sister 2, the songwriter's latest arrives August 2 through You've Changed Records. Thirteen tracks in length, the album was recorded and produced at the Chat Chateaux in Toronto by José Contreras (By Divine Right).

As its title implies, Transistor Sister 2 is a sequel to Shotgun Jimmie's Polaris Music Prize-longlisted 2011 album Transistor Sister. The sequel is said to be "full of genuine pop gems, thematic callbacks to its musical predecessor, and manifestos that renounce cynicism and promote positivity."

Jimmie's backing band for the release not only features Contreras, but frequent collaborators Ryan Peters (Ladyhawk) and Jay Baird (Do Make Say Think). Transistor Sister 2 also features musical contributions from Steven Lambke and Cole Woods (Human Music), as well as a spoken word monologue from Chad VanGaalen on first single "Cool All the Time," which can be heard below.

Shotgun Jimmie will celebrate the album's official release with a main stage performance at SappyFest in Sackville, NB, that weekend. Transistor Sister 2 is now available for pre-order.

Transistor Sister 2:

1. Blues Riffs
2. Tumbleweed
3. Hot Pots
4. Ablutions
5. Fountain
6. Suddenly Submarine
7. Piano (with band)
8. The New Sincerity
9. Cool All The Time
10. Sappy Slogans
11. Highway 401
12. Jack Pine
13. Sorry We're Closed