Slipknot Plan to Release Psychedelic 'All Hope Is Gone' Outtakes Album

They've been sitting on the recordings for over a decade
Slipknot Plan to Release Psychedelic 'All Hope Is Gone' Outtakes Album
While Slipknot are hot off the release of their latest record We Are Not Your Kind, busy touring North America and launching themselves into the No. 1 Billboard spot, the band have taken a moment's pause to announce they'll soon release 11 psychedelic new tracks that were recorded alongside their 2008 album All Hope Is Gone.

These unreleased tracks apparently came as the result of interpersonal frustrations amongst band members while recording over a decade ago. To blow off steam, some of the band took off to a separate studio to experiment with a majorly different sound. 

Shawn Crahan had this to say in an interview with Loudwire:

We have a whole other album that four of us wrote when we did All Hope Is Gone. We have 11 songs that we're gonna release sometime in this album cycle. But it's never been about just getting it out. It needs to be out when it's right and by coming out during this album cycle people will even understand more what we're doing on this album and what first led to it.

When exactly we can expect to hear the previously unreleased recordings is unclear. However, it seems the band plan to release the outtakes within this current album cycle, according to Crahan.

Last year, the band announced a special 10th anniversary reissue of All Hope Is Gone from a Madison Square Garden performance in 2009.

Slipknot just hit Toronto last night (August 20) on their ongoing tour, and you can read Exclaim!'s review of the night here.