Supa Bwe Just Say Thank You

Supa Bwe Just Say Thank You
Getting Chance the Rapper on your album is a tall order indeed. But to then steal the show from the esteemed Chicago MC? Why that would be a feat unimaginable — unless you're Supa Bwe, who pulls off both with aplomb on "Rememory," one of the many highlights from his new EP Just Say Thank You.
Over a murky, engrossing instrumental, both Windy City hip-hop stars bring their A-games— first Chance, with a syrupy tone and mercurial flow that Supa Bwe shockingly tops by singing with practically tangible, high-pitched yearning.
It's not the only time throughout these seven tracks that Supa triumphs over a formidable guest collaborator who'd blow most contemporaries out of the studio booth. On "Time For Me," he easily bounds over California rapper and producer Rexx Life Raj's salacious rhymes with more euphemistic, abstract sex-jam singing that compels the listener, because it leaves more to the imagination, all over a backdrop of lush bass, reverberating synths and an occasional hi-hat ping sprinkled in for good measure.
And on "Boom Boom Boom," Supa imitates a gorilla's carnal grunts in fun, yet competent, fashion, an experiment that would fall flat for most lesser artists, if it ever occurred to them. It's enough to leave Duffle Bag Buru's guest verse in the dust.
However, Supa finally meets his match on the climactically soulful "Entropy," as Morocco-raised, New York-born singer Dounia sings in gentle gust-like tones about going "to the beach to look for Allah." Their chemistry and shared penchant for left field lyricism is palpable on this standout track, the brightest of a handful of gems on Just Say Thank You that listeners will feel thankful to hear. (Freddy Got Magic/Empire)