Take a Tour Through Mac DeMarco's 'Minecraft' Server

It's as bonkers as you would expect
Take a Tour Through Mac DeMarco's 'Minecraft' Server
Like the rest of us, artists all over the world are trying to find new ways to entertain themselves in quarantine. Mac DeMarco and pals have apparently been getting busy in Minecraft, as a new video has surfaced that shows the artist's incredibly extensive, meme-worthy server.

In the video posted by YouTube user FitMC, viewers can take a virtual tour of the server, which shows massive block renderings of the artist's albums including Here Comes the Cowboy, 2 and Another One, giant coronavirus molecules, SpongeBob structures, a McDonalds, tributes to The SimpsonsGrateful Dead and more.

According to the FitMC, the server has yet to open to the public, but DeMarco's team plans to unlock it in the future. So far, the artist has not publicly announced plans to follow in the footsteps of 100 gecs or Massive Attack, by hosting a virtual festival in the game — but let's hope that changes soon. 

Until the server inevitably succumbs to absolute anarchy, take a video tour of the impressive world below.